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Restore Kresy Wschodnie Lands back to Poland

This petition is to petition the Polish government to restore the Kresy Wschodnie, (Eastern Borderlands) that were stolen by the Soviet Union and never returned back to Poland in 1939, after the Soviet Union in unison with Nazi Germany, invaded the Republic of Poland in 1939 and dismantled and occupied the country for 2 years, until 1941 when the territories were invaded by the Nazis and occupied by them, after the Soviets had administered them, under their illegal and thieving Molotov-Ribbentrop Treaty of August 1939.  This sad episode should be taught across the world and taught to children everywhere, but sadly Soviet-apologist academics, and historiographers, and historians control HOW HISTORY IS WRITTEN IN THIS COUNTRY and passed on down to our children. Soviet apologists run our universities, our schools, our academic systems. It is sad that this history has been erased and apologized for by Marxist far-left pseudo-scholars, like Sabrina P. Rahmet and others, write our history and get away with these pro-Soviet falsifications of history! Please stop these people and stop pretending it was the past and nothing can be done, and START punishing the Russian Federation for doing these acts of aggression against Poland and Romania.

The Soviet Union illegally annexed the eastern half of Poland for themselves, giving Wilno to Lithuania, Lwow and Volhynia to Ukraine, and Grodno and Polesie to Belarus,, and giving these to their republics these stolen bits of Polish land in 1939. The Soviet Union, unlike Nazi Germany was never punished for its acts of aggression and land-grabbing of Polish and German territories.

The illegitimate Communist Government in Poland that was installed by the Soviet Union in 1945, "ceded" by a coerced treaty to the Polish communist government, these Eastern Hinterlands went to the Soviet Union and became part of Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine where they remain so today. Poland was given pseudo-compensation for these "lands" when the Soviet Union and the Polish commie puppet government stole the eastern parts of Germany, lower Silesia, and upper Pomerania, containing the cities of Breslau and Stettin in these areas.  Lower Silesia was a sovereign part of German territory, stolen by the Soviet Union as a means of illegally compensating Poland to cover up their theft of the Polish Eastern Hinterlands.  The Soviet Union was never put on trial for its acts of aggression against Poland, Finland, and Romania, nor was it made accountable for the UN for them.

This is shameful that the Soviet Union got away with the theft of Eastern Poland from Poland in 1939 and even more shameful that sites like Wikipedia use works written by far-left Commie pseudo-scholars that apologize for these acts of land-grabbing, by calling them "liberations" from "Polish tyranny" and other BS lines from Soviet propaganda of the period that painted Poles as "fascist barbaric, bourgeois, land-grabbing, oppressing capitalist, ethnic-dominated, Polish-dominated, not caring for the Ukrainians or Lithuanians or Belorussians, etc" and other Soviet propaganda written in their articles.

Anyway, who cares about Wikipedia?
My point is that the the Soviet Union got away with this land-grabbing thetf and blatant act of aggression against Poland in 1939 and illegal annexations of these Eastern lands in 1940 to the Soviet Union, along with Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina from Romania also in that same year. The Soviet Union's land-grabbing moves are seldom talked about on TV and the Soviet Union's land-grabbing of sovereign Polish and Romanian lands were permitted by the Yalta and Potsdam treaties in 1945 and the allies rewarded the Soviet Union and punished Nazi Germany for their acts of aggression. The Soviet Union got away with these violations of Polish and Romanian sovereignty and violated internationally recognized territorial boundaries of Poland and Romania in that year. The Soviet Union got away with this blatant landgrabbing and aggression and illegal annexations of lands belonging to the Republic of Poland and the Kingdom of Romania.

This violated international laws relating to territories and ownership therefore. Argentina was punished for their land-grabbing moves in the Falklands, Israel is criticized for moving into Palestinian territories, but the Soviet Union WAS NEVER PUNISHED, CONDEMNED, CRITICIZED, nor ADMONISHED for THEIR LAND-GRABBING AND AGGRESSION AGAINST POLAND, FINLAND, and ROMANIA!

My petition is to restore these lands in Poland and Romania back to their respective countries and punish the Russian Federation, the successor to the Soviet Union for its land-grabbing moves against Poland and Romania and compensate the countries of Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine for these stolen lands from Poland and to accordingly give all a fair deal relating to these lands.  That is all I ask.

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